Pantone Inspiration pt2: Pantone Vintage Posters

Pantone Inspiration pt2: Pantone Vintage Posters

Following up on the previous article about “Ultimate Pantone Inspiration“, it would be imperative to make reference to another of Pantone’s icons: the Pantone Posters.

Pantone Posters were originally a working medium, used by everyone in the printing industry. They were the upscaled version of the tiny pocket-format charts we all know, and by then, you would surely find them a constant presence surrounding all spaces involved on design and print.

Nowadays they still continue to be printed and are still around, but in a more kitch“ier” form of existence; they serve mostly as “geek-design” decoration articles.

But if for some chance we share the same passion for old-school printing processes, and that profound admiration for vintage design items, I’m pretty sure the Out-of-Print originals will be much more appealing and inspirational to you.

  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters01
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters1
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters2
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters3
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters4
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters5
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters6
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters7
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters8
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters9
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters10
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters11
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters12
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters13
  • Vintage-Pantone-Posters30

Those of you lucky enough to have any original print at home my advice is: keep it; they are considered a collector’s item and should be cherished and esteemed as such.

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