I am João Castro.

Design is my passion and has always taken a predominant role on my life.

I studied arts on highschool and since then have developed an intricate and close relationship with multiple crafts, which inevitably ended up influencing my career choice as a designer.

I’ve taken a degree in Communication Design and have been working on several companies and independent projects ever since. Professionally I consider myself as being dynamic, resolute and imaginative, with a bit of obsession for perfecting the users’ experience through the tiniest details.

Currently I work as a UI / UX Designer, but over the years I’ve managed to build up my professional journey exploring multiple disciplines, such as graphic design, webdesign, brand management and creation, and of course, a bit of copy work here and there.

I’m passionate about typography and textures, and trimming complex layouts to a minimalist simphony is my signature.

Big fan of music, games, and always curious about all sorts of tech and gadgets.

Feel free to contact me for any work-related projects, debate an idea, ask for advice, or even grab a pint of Guinness while chatting about the weather.
(You can also download my CV here should you be interested.)

Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

Best regards,